INFESTATION OF EVIL - Antiquus Maledicte Compendium

Catalog ID: DAB 021
Release date: October 15th, 2022

Ceremony that collect all the recordings by Infestation Of Evil to date, for first time summoned on pro-CD.
Eleven tracks of pestilential, rough and primitive Black /Death/Thrash Metal conjured through three rituals: the early offerings "By Evil Infested" and "Infestatione Malorum MMXVIII", plus an unreleased rehearsal invoked in 2017A.B.
Released on jewelcase CD with 8-pages booklet and an awesome cover art by the mighty Jenglot Hitam (Sabbat, Impiety, Manzer...).

The ancient hateful feeling is still alive! Raise the banner of old underground and keep the black flame burning!

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