Damnatio Ad Bestias

P.O. Box 11066

18007 - Granada


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In DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS we are always open to do trades with any labels and bands dedicated to extreme metal that want to get their project going or are interested in any of our releases.

The only requirement is that the music must be in the range of styles that we like and for what we live for, the extreme metal (Black, Death, Doom, Thrash, true Heavy Metal),  if possible in its purest and underground form...and of course, with an acceptable quality and completely away from the mainstream scene. So we can not guarantee to be involved in any trades if we don't like the stuff.

If you are interested send us your tradelist and we will contact you as soon as we can. Write us at this e-mail address... damnatioadbestias666@gmail.com



If you are part of a band that plays an appropriate kind of sound to DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS you have your stuff already recorded and you would like to be released it by us, please contact us to send us a copy of the audio, providing all the info to contact the band in case we are interested. Also you can send us some info about the project (music, lyrics, concept of the band) and members who are part of it. We will answer you in the quickest possible time to give you our opinion.



If someone who has a zine would like to get some promotional copies to include them in their zine, must send us first a proof that the zine actually exist. Same thing goes to webzines that also must have their web updated. This petition is due to the huge amount of hustlers and fake people that dedicate their time to rip off others to get free material thanks to their tricks and lies. Death to the scum ripp-offs, thieves, false people and posers!!!


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