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The Mystical And Tortuous Way Towards The Death, Pt. I (7" EP) 5€
Black Metal

Great EP edited in 2009. Two hymns of dark and grim Black Metal in honour to the desolation and desecration of the human souls. Highly recommended!!!
Where The Celestial Flowers Fade (7”EP) 5€
Black Metal

Last release of this Black Metal band before they changed their name to Cryptic Wanderings. Featuring members from Empty. Comes with double-side printed insert with all lyrics. Limited to 500 copies.
MMXV (7" EP) 6€
Black Metal

The harsh Black Metal of Atrabilis and Negativa captured for the first time on black wax. Two tracks of abstract, dissonant and abrupt Black Metal with a paranoic feeling. Not for everyone.... Limited to 250 copies.
My Filthy Ashes / Voces De Un Corazón Helado (12" LP) 12€
Black Metal

12" split between Black Coma and Inexorable End which features their full demos “My Filthy Ashes” and “Voces de un Corazón Helado” respectively, six songs of pure Black Metal. Album cover artwork by David Thiérrée (Behemoth, Mütiilation, Warloghe). Limited to 320 copies. Highly recommended!!!
Split (7" EP) 5€
Black Metal

This is the first song of Cryptic Wanderings (ex-Amnion) and a new one for In The Shades after their great debut demo. Obscure and gloomy Black Metal for lost souls. The sleep of reason bring forth monsters.
The Parasitic Survival Of The Human Race (12" LP) 13€
Black Metal

Reissue of the eighth album, for first time in vinyl format. Hateful raw Black Metal with a harsh thrash/crust/punk influence. Includes a Misfits cover and two bonus tracks exclusively recorded in 2018 for this release. Limited to 350 copies on black vinyl.
Throne Of The Occult (7" EP) 5€
Black Metal

EP released in 2012 of this Erun-Dagoth's (Briargh, Opposer, Crystal Moors, Forestdome) side project. Great work with influences that come from the more epic Black Metal to the Doom/Death Metal, adding deep growls and pagan traditional chants. Includes insert with lyrics.
To Exorcize The Sun (7" EP) 5€
Black / Doom Metal

Incorporea returns with two new songs which have unearthed and renewed the legacy of this gloomy and negative band. Resembling the eerie sounds of old Katatonia or Dolorian, the band manifests the loss, pain, anguish and disenchantment towards this world without a single chance of redemption. Mixed in the Moontower Studios and released on black vinyl with insert, limited to 270 copies. Cover art by D. Thiérrée (Warloghe, Satanic Warmaster).
Vanity Of Humanity (7" EP) 6€
Black Metal

EP released in 2001 by this band from Lahti, Finland. Fast and melodic Finnish Black Metal, with some synths and experimental touches. Recommended for fans of Emperor, And Oceans, Thyrane.
Agnen (12” LP) 15€
Black Metal

Keep Of Kalessin second album, originally released in 1999. “Agnen” is hyper-speed dark and epic Black Metal at its best, incorporating elements of thrash along with eerie discordant riffing in a relentless storm of brutality. This edition is presented on 180gm heavy-weight black vinyl. Cvlt masterpiece!!!
Buried In Time (2 LP) 18€
Black Occult Metal

Fourth album released in 2004. Highly inspired by the dark arts and combining early influences from bands such as Mercyful Fate & Celtic Frost, Mortuary Drape developed their own unique style, defining themselves as black occult metal. This edition is presented in newly remastered form, with the process itself overseen by the band, and includes 2 extra tracks. 180g heavy-weight black Double Gatefold vinyl. Cvlt masterpiece!!!
Dawn Of Kezef (7” EP) 6€
Black / Death Metal

Cacophonous coalescence of amorphous chaos and morbidly dissonant riffage conforming a mesmerizingly hypnotic Black Metal mass that will appeal to those who have been staring unblinking at the Abyss until its relentless vortex has finally consumed them.
Delve Into The Mysteries Of Transcendence (12” LP) 12€
Black / Death Metal

Supremely dark and majestic, SUSPIRAL's music is a coalescence of frantic guitar-working and mesmerizing, noisy solos raising from chaos like bloody spears pointed at a black hole sky. The band's apocalyptic and unmerciful assault is tempered by the obscure, trance-inducing aura of the melodies, and by a well-structured songwriting, so dense of shades, sonic details and unexpected twists. Highly recommended!
Prazan Grob (12” LP) 12€
Black Metal

First full length strike of SVARTGREN is a primitive and obnoxious yet engrossing death praise that will lead you through deepest depths of Hell. This modern yet traditional Black Metal release is highly recommended for fans of Horna, Satanic Warmaster, Mgła, Plaga, (old) Inferno, Armagedda.
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