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Black Tyrants Alliance (TAPE) 3€
Raw Black Metal

3-way split released in 2014. Each band spreads eternal damnation with two merciless songs of dirty, raw and hateful Black Metal. Limited to 100 hand numbered copies.
Ven n'Stranŋ Uraëreg (TAPE) 3€
Black Metal

Split released in 2015 between Aldebarana and Man Daitõrgul. Aldebarana plays Black Metal with some Finnish influence with a raw sound. For this edition Man Daitõrgul has opted for a more epic and melodic sound with ambient keyboards and some pagan touches. Limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.
With Knowledge And 1000 Needles (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

Uncompromising Black Metal from Greece. 1000 needles in your ears and eyes! For fans of early Dødheimsgard, Thorns and Deathspell Omega. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Split (TAPE) 4€
Post Black Metal / Pagan Black Metal

Split between the Lusitanian AURA (Post Black Metal) and the Galician XERIÓN (Pagan Black Metal). 25 minutes of darkness, sorrow and melancholy. Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.
A Bright Future (TAPE) 3€
Death / Black Metal

Great blackened Death Metal with a tinge of Thrash thrown in the mix. They make you headbang, want to drink, start a mosh pit and just get up and move with their violent music. Eight tracks of extreme music with intense and furious energy. A speed metallic assault that is purely destructive!!!
Chaos - Triumph - A New Beginning (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

First full-length album, finally released after 16 years active. An impious manifesto made up of ten direct, cold and powerful tracks of pure Black Metal in a traditional way. No trends, no fashion, no hipster bullshit... only true black metal for darkened souls!
Em Honra Dos Que Sofrem (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

Debut full-length album from this Lusitanian band released in 2013. Seven songs of a very introspective, obscure and cold Black Metal with icy riffs full of sadness, anger and melancholy. Pro Tape limited to 200 hand-numbered copies.
Ecce Homo (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

Debut album from this Polish Black Metal band edited in 2015. Seven splendid tracks of classic Black Metal mixed with the cold wave melancholy and depressive darkness of Doom metal. An emotional journey of your soul to the abyss of shadows full of condemnation. Pro Tape.
Meine Tote Seele (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

First demo by this band from Galiza, featuring members from Strangled With Guts and Esquizofrenia Paranoide. Six tracks of intense Black Metal in an old-school way. Pro Tape limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Vomiting Blasphemies Upon The Mass Graves Of Jehovah’s Worshippers (TAPE) 4€
Death Metal

Split tape between these Death Metal bands from Greece and Australia. Nocturnal Vomit plays three tracks of primitive and barbaric Death Metal in the vein of old Brazilian and Hellenic cults. Crucifire includes three tracks of cryptic and evil Death Metal carnage that will appeal to followers of cults such as early Incantation, Grave or Corpse Molestation. Pro Tape.
Black Metal Storm & Shadow’s Land (2 TAPE) 7€
Black Metal

Compilation of this legendary Black Metal band, active since 1995. Released in double cassette, includes the albums Shadow's Land (2006) and Black Metal Storm (2012). Pro Tape limited to 100 hand-numbered copies. Great stuff!!!
Zauvek Crni (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

Serbian Black Metal warriors return with their second full-length album. Just pure raw, filthy, grim Black fucking Metal in the old gloomy way!!! 46 minutes of spinecrushing blasphemy, spewing forth the guts of Christ!!! Highly recommended!!! Pro Tape limited to 100 copies.
Split (TAPE) 5€
Black Metal

Split tape between Xeríon and Niebla Funeraria. Formed by five tracks, the three first ones owns to Niebla Funeraria playing a rough Black Metal with some calm and wrenching passages. For its part, Xerión provides two tracks of his personal Metal Galaico Extremo. Pro Tape limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Through The Cold Lands (TAPE) 3€
Black Metal

Awesome first demo of this Black Metal band with influences from the best of the Finnish school. An excellent debut in the vein of Satanic Warmaster, Horna, Sargeist. Released in 2014. Totally recommended!!!
Chaos In The Flesh...Live! (TAPE) 4€
Death Metal

"Chaos In The Flesh...­ Live!" is a crushing recording by Fredrik Svensson of their awesome gig at Death Kills Festival (Stockholm, Sweden) on February 28th, 2015. Nominon are blasphemy and chaos, pure fucking Death Metal!!! A maelstrom of ripping, malevolent and genuine live savagery delivered by these masters of death. Featuring a killer setlist, mixed and mastered by Javi Bastard (Moontower Studios) and artwork by César Valladares.
Behold The Pale Horror (TAPE) 4€
Death / Doom Metal

EP released in 2015 that marks the 25th anniversary of this Greek band. Almost half-hour of imposing old-school Death / Doom Metal, three tracks coming from the graves of the darkened past. Limited to 100 hand-numbered copies.
Blasphemous Live Devotion (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

Seven hymns of pure Black Metal recorded back in a 2010 live show, directly from the camera tape. No mixes, no masters, only true underground Black Metal Live Ritual!!! Pro-tape limited to 66 copies.
Meditate To Kill (TAPE) 4€
Black/Death Metal

First full length album from the French band STAV with more than 34 minutes of meditative Black / Death Metal. Follow the path to the depths of the soul and have a journey through darkness with ancient beliefs. Great cover illustration by Paolo Girardi. Pro Tape.
Sacrilege & Savagery (TAPE) 4€
Black Metal

First full-length album of Temple Abattoir. The band that plays a very fast, intense and old school Black Metal, in the vein of the 90’s unholy black metal wargods. Pro tape limited to 250 copies. Killer stuff!!!
Altar Del Rencor (TAPE) 4€
Death / Thrash Metal

First full-length album released in 2017. 11 strikes in almost 50 minutes of devastating old-schoold Death/Thash Metal from Chile, in a vein similar of the old masters such as Mortem (Per), Sepultura, Death or Massacra. Pro-tape limited to 200 copies.
Chants Of Deprecation (TAPE) 4 €
Black / Death Metal

Debut EP from Vitreoous, released in 2017. Four tracks of raw, chaotic and primitive black / death metal, an attack of aggressive hammering, dissonance and violent extreme metal rhythms. Pro-tape limited to 100 copies.
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Chants Of Deprecation (TAPE) 4 € Black / Death Metal Debut EP from Vitreoous, released in 2017. Four tracks of raw, chaotic and primitive black / death metal, an attack of aggressive hammering, dissonance and violent extreme metal rhythms. Pro-tape limited to 100 copies.

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