NAKKIGA / HELDE "Oroimenean"

We can already reveal more info about “Oroimenean”, the ruthless alliance between Nakkiga and Helde.

This opus is formed by seven chants of pure black art from the depths of Euskalherria, made to preserve the ancient splendour from a land of forest, rain and stone, shedding the rage of the ancestral nature and dark myths over the filthy human plague.

The first oath of this pact owns to Nakkiga, playing two extensive tracks with its unmistakable style of cold Black Metal shrouded on epic atmospheres. For its part, Helde took the second oath, through four tracks of intense Black Metal in the way of the early 90s scene, plus a cover of Into the Crypts of Rays from the masters Celtic Frost.

“Oroimenean” will be available on jewelcase cd with 8-page booklet, strictly limited to 300 copies.

This are the seven hymns present in this opus:


01. Hileta Iluna

02. Bihozminezko Basoak


03. Hil Hautu

04. Betirako Atsedena

05. Atzerri Otserri

06. Beltzurian

07. Into the Crypt of Rays (Celtic Frost)

Coming soon through Damnatio Ad Bestias.

The howl of Gaueko cry out for revenge!

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