Hadez / God's Funeral "Bicéfalo Culto Ancestral"... out next September 1st!

We are proud to announce the official release date for "BICÉFALO CULTO ANCESTRAL", the split album between the underground extreme metal legend HADEZ and one of the biggest promises of the Iberian Doom/Death scene, the Tarraconensis GOD'S FUNERAL... next SEPTEMBER 1st!!!

"BICÉFALO CULTO ANCESTRAL" is formed by seven hymns with a duration over 40 minutes. The four first ones owns to the great HADEZ, with its diabolical primal extreme metal and totally old-school, almost impossible to classify on a specific genre, it couldn’t be other way, if we have in mind that we are talking about a band that is active from more than 30 years, spreading death and desolation on its path. Four blasphemies taken from its period between 1989-2014 and re-recorded specially for this edition, giving to the tracks a devastating force and power. It also includes a new version where two of their legendary songs are mixed together and which has never been recorded on studio before.

For its part, GOD'S FUNERAL provides three excellent tracks of a dirty, corrosive and heavy Doom/Death Metal of the highest quality, impregnated with a strong sepulchre stench. As they show with their debut demo, their concept is a real desolation full of monolithic riffs, oppressive sulphur atmospheres, moldy melodies and voices coming from the deepest cavern of the netherworld. A monumental praise to putrefaction, death, corrupted flesh and soul’s agony.

"Bicéfalo Culto Ancestral" will be released through an impressive special edition presented on black polycarbonate CD, in a matte finish A5 Digibook format and an exclusive detailed layout. This edition is strictly limited to 66 hand-numbered copies.

In addition to this special edition in Digibook by DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS, a standard version in jewel case format will also be released by our brothers from A SANGRE FRIA RECORDS, label owned by TM666 (Hadez).

Stay tuned ... soon we will sharing a promo video of each band!

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