Review of FRUSET RIKE "Skymningstid" in Sturmglanz Webzine.

Review of FRUSET RIKE "Skymningstid" in Sturmglanz Webzine. (6/6)

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“Fruset Rike - Skymningstid (Damnatio ad Bestias 2016). The Swedish group Fruset Rike published their debut album "Skymningstid" throuh the still unknown Spanish label Damnatio ad Bestias towards the end of last year. The album "Skymningstid" consists of the two demos "Vintergryning" and "Konungsblot", which were not really officially released. The Swedes orient themselves playfully with their countrymen around Dark Funeral, Sorhin or Setherial and present frenzied and rough BM out of the nineties. The playing time is more than half an hour. "Skymningstid" is limited to 500 units and can be ordered either from the label or the band.

Without a lot of frills and pompousness, the Swedes set off like fire and present themselves musically as typically Swedish. Rough, cold guitar sound, yet melodic in combination with hoarse nasty vocals, immediately create the 90's feeling, as the BM spoke even more by its musical qualities. The Swedes understand the spirit of this time, more than just capturing it perfectly. The production is neat, and the songs do not allow any boredom due to their dynamism. Above all, the first four pieces, which are from the second demo "Konungsblot" can be musically convincing, but show nevertheless that the Swedes were able to go further again compared to the first demo. The first song "Du mörka natt" is a very good example for the existing qualities of the band, but this gives a very good overview. Quick, precise guitar sound creates a cold, icy atmosphere without the need for any major technical tools. Like BM should sound. Even the songs of the first demo "Vintergryning" are more than just presentable and fit seamlessly to the new pieces, even if the newer songs have something to their advantage through more subtleties. BM purists should keep an eye on the Swedes, as they are releasing a typical Swedish BM, as bands such as Dark Funeral hardly play.

Conclusion: Fruset Rike show their countrymen around Dark Funeral how BM from the land of moose should sound today. Without a technical frenzy, the Swedes produce a very authentic album, which can convince through its icy cold atmosphere, its fast pace and its varied song structures. "Skymningstid" belongs without question to every decent BM collection.”

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