Review of WULFHEIM "Abomination" in Raw War Music webzine.

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Spanish translation:

Hace algunos años hice una crítica del tercer álbum de Wulfh...


Limited edition T-shirt of the Wulfheim's 10th Anniversary.

A decade of aggression by one of the most extreme Black Metal bands of this fucking world. Ten years of blasphemy, death, hate and devastation... Ten years of Raw Black Metal!!!


WULFHEIM included in the playlist of the LUX DO NORTE's chapter #2.

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Interview to WULFHEIM in The Horror Dimension website.

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Damnatio Ad Bestias, The Noise Hour and the Spanish Black Metal facebook's group proudly presents a series of radio shows dedicated exclusively to the Spanish Black Metal scene. With a duration of two hours each program and the participation of many...


WULFHEIM's interview in Friedhof Magazine by Arcadio Rodríguez Tocino. Thanks for the support!!!

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Entrevista a WULFHEIM en Friendhof Magazine...


WULFHEIM "The Hollowman" included in the Track list August 2016 of Friendhof Magazine. Thanks for the support!!!

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Official promo video of "The Hollowman", advance track from ABOMINATION, the brutal fourth full-length album by WULFHEIM. Released by DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS on July 2016.