Review of our latest release Fruset Rike "Ur Millenniernas Dunkel", included on Kynodontas zine #2 (Spanish written).

(English translation)
Damn!! What a great work from this Swedish! It doesn't sound like Norwegian Black Metal, it sounds as if i...


Review of Fruset Rike "Skymningstid", included on Hymnes & Sacrifices zine #1

(French written)


Review of UR / IV V I IV "Your Death" in Friedhof Magazine website (7.25 / 10).

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Our release "Lendas Baixo o Luar" by LÓSTREGOS, included on the top 20 albums of 2017 in Indy Metal Vault (USA).

"If you’ve ever listened to Agalloch or Wolves In The Throne Room and thought “this needs more guitar solos,” then Lóstregos mig...


Después de haber pasado unos dias desde la celebración del VIII South Bangers Fest, un festival que este año ha contado con un cartel de lujo en el que han participado LÓSTREGOS, banda perteneciente a nuestro roster desde que empezaron su andadura en...


Review of CVLTIST "II" in Friedhof Magazine website. (7/10)

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Review of NOCTURNAL HOLLOW "Deathless and Fleshless + Demonical Euphony" in Metalcry by Arcadio R. (8,25 / 10)

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Review of JHËIT "Omega Rising" by FRIEDHOF Magazine (8.25/10).

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Review of WULFHEIM "Abomination" in Raw War Music webzine.

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Below the image you can read the full review in Spanish.

Spanish translation:

Hace algunos años hice una crítica del tercer álbum de Wulfh...