We are proud to announce that “Oroimenean", the ruthless alliance between Nakkiga and Helde, is finally out! This opus is formed by seven chants of pure black art from the depths of Euskalherria, made to preserve the ancient splendour from a la...


We are proud to announce that “UR MILLENNIERNAS DUNKEL”, the striking debut album by the Swedish Black Metal warriors Fruset Rike, is finally out! “Ur Millenniernas Dunkel” is formed by eleven fast and frostbitten warsongs in the best Nordic Black M...


DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS is proud to announce the release of “URMAHELL”, the split album between the Iberian hordes of UR and GAUA.

“URMAHELL” is a conceptual opus in honour of the ancient Ilargi, the light of the dead… the Moon. Two extensive hymns of pro...



DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS is proud to announce the release of LENDAS BAIXO O LUAR, the so expected debut full-length album by the Gallaecian pagan horde LÓSTREGOS.

The album is make up of five long hymns of Pagan Black Metal, primal and intense in...


Finally we can announce the official release date for “LA ÚLTIMA MESNADA”, the first official work in pro-CD format of the great Castilian pagan Black Metal band TETELIS, next OCTOBER 22!!!

“La Última Mesnada” compiles the first underground works of T...


The new CVLTIST invocation is finally out of the shadows. 
New blasphemies of primitive and evil Black Metal with the obscure sound so characteristic of the band that has become his personal distinguishing mark. This edition includes eight bonus trac...


Finally available the debut EP by JHËIT, "Omega Rising".
Five psalms of abyssic Black Metal ov Death invoked from the depths of the cosmic Void. The rise of Omega is pure hate and destruction!

Visit our online store to get your copy...


Finally available the debut full-length by FRUSET RIKE, "Skymningstid".

Fast, cold and devastating Black Metal in the Norse tradition.

Visit our online store to get your copy...


Finally available the long awaited second album by WARFIELD, "Hosco". Visit our online store to get your copy...


Lóstregos "Alzamento No Norte".... finally available in the online store.
Por fin disponible el debut de Lóstregos, "Alzamento No Norte". Disponible en la tienda online.


Finally is available on cd, the debut album of Alene Misantropi.
An excellent composition of feelings such as melancholy, hate, sadness and rage, full of atmospheric and depressive passages of the purest black metal alternated with incredible classic...


LÓSTREGOS "Alzamento No Norte" - Official Flyer (DAB002)





Alene Misantropi "Absence Of Light".... CD available in the online store.



Flyer of Alene Misantropi "Absence Of Light" (DAB001)



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Index Commendatur

NAKKIGA / HELDE "Oroimenean"... out now!


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