Finally available the split album between the true underground extreme metal legend HADEZ and the ungodly preachers of the most putrid Death/Doom Metal GOD’S FUNERAL. Proudly released by Damnatio Ad Bestias.


New promo video of HADEZ and their advance track VOMIT / SODOM & GOMOR from “Bicéfalo Culto Ancestral”.

Released on black polycarbonate cd, comes in an impressive A5 Digibook with an exclusive detailed layout. Edition strictly limited to 66 hand-numbe...


We are proud to announce the official release date for "BICÉFALO CULTO ANCESTRAL", the split album between the underground extreme metal legend HADEZ and one of the biggest promises of the Iberian Doom/Death scene, the Tarraconensis GOD'S FUNERAL......


Coming soon through DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS!!! Stay tuned…

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NOITÉBREGA "Luar e Morte"... out now!


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