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Southern Woods & Invernal Tombs (CD) 9€
Atmospheric Black Doom Metal

First full-lenght released in 2017. Promises to be one of the best pieces of chilean Atmospheric Black Doom Metal. Orchestrated with austere decadent passages and dark journey to mystical south, enriched with ancestral cultures in sacred alliance with the Occult. This album was recorded under Oneiric incantations & Lo-fi magic sounds.
Dragging Hurtful Shame (CD) 6€
Black Metal

Debut full-length edited in 2015. Four songs of deep and nostalgic Black Metal in the vein of Darkthrone, Burzum or Forgotten Woods. Edited on exclusive digipack limited to 500 copies
Disinterred Nausea Malodorous (Digipack CD) 8€
Black Metal

Second full-length album released in 2018. Raw and intense Black Metal enshrouded in a morbid atmosphere. Digipack limited to 300 copies.
Raven’s Hymns Foreshadows The End (CD) 7€
Black Metal

First full-length album by this Black Metal band from Greece. Violently grim and raw Hellenic Black Metal in the great cold tradition of their country. A storm of lo-fi, unpolished and primitive sound, with sinister interludes forshadow violent hate-fueled sonic attacks!
Pervenit Nobis Regnum Dei (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Killer split between these two Greeks Black Metal bands. Raw, fast and evil Hellenic Black Metal influenced by the occult underground greek scene of the 90’s. Bonus track "Archon Skotous" is a rehearsal track between Caedes Cruenta and Aasgard in 2006. Limited to 500 hand-numbered copies.
Unto Heretic Flames (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Split CD released in 2017 between Aasgard (Greece) and AK-11 (Australia). More than 42 minutes of powerful and cold Black Metal forged from hate. The War continues…
P Z Z U Sacrifice And Transmutation MMXVII (MCD) 6€
Black / Death Metal

Eight unmerciful tracks of primitive and ritualistic Black / Death Metal, a gateway to the eternal chaos, created through the most pure evil sound and blasphemous dark atmospheres. Recommended for maniaks of bands such as Teitanblood, Blasphemy, Archaic Excruciation, Mythos, Naked Whipper.
Anchorite (MCD) 6€
Black Metal

Obscure, melancholic, gloomy, depressive and negative Black Metal with ultra grim vocals that covers you like a blanket of frost. Aboriorth performs a great masterpiece of long and decrepit hymns to darkness and hate. 27 minutes of grim, dark, misanthropic and raw Black Metal.
Eel (CD) 6€
Black Metal

Second full-length from Absenta including about 40 minutes of Black Metal with many touches of Post black metal sound. A technical and avant-garde album full of different influences that give a huge freshness to this personal proposal of black metal.
The Intellectual Darkness (CD) 6€
Death Metal

Third full-length album by these Death Metal pioneers in Syria. Traditional Death Metal with a few modern influences, similar to the US masters Morbid Angel, Deicide, Obituary or Monstrosity. "The Intellectual Darkness" is an awesome extreme metal work and an absolutely positive surprise.
Pugnare In Iis Quae Obtinere Non Possis (CD) 8€
Black Metal

This Belgian band have returned after a long absence with their long awaited second full-length. An almost traditional black metal assault, with howling rasps, thrashing riffs and a cold, bleak atmosphere, and many touches of experimental, ambient or avant garde sounds. For fans of Deathspell Omega, Antaeus, Abigor (new), Svartidauði, or Blut Aus Nord.
The First Day With No Sun (2 CD) 9€
Black/Death Metal

First album by this band, that performs Black/Death Metal inspired by Dissection, Enslaved, At The Gates, Bathory, Death, Emperor, Ulver. The album ends with an Enslaved cover song. The second CD is made of all the band's demos, includes the demo when they were still called L'OMBRE DU SACCAGE. This double CD presents the complete first part of ACARUS SARCOPT's discography. Two hours to descent into Hell, in their tormented universe.
Tarnation (CD) 5€
Death Metal

In this 2nd album the band plays a different style from their debut. They turned to a Death Metal style, inspired by At The Gates, Dismember, Asphyx, Pestilence, Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed, Malevolent Creation. A personal proposal of Death Metal whit many old school influences. Includes two live songs as bonus. Recording in the Echoes Studio with a devastating sound.
Ancient Furies (CD) 8€
Black Metal

First album by Acheronte. A concept album about death and a ruthless ancient monarch. 7 songs for 7 monarchs, 7 monarchs for 7 furies. A great work of savage, fast and aggressive Black Metal in the vein of bands like Marduk (“Heaven Shall Burn…”, “Nightwing”), Dark Funeral, 1349.
Golden Age In Blasphemy (MCD) 6€
Black Metal

Second EP, released in 2020. "Golden Age in Blasphemy" is a surprising, aggressive and bleak take on modern Black Metal. Ad Omega incubates a remarkable culture of blackened variety into their sophomore effort, revealing an evil and beautiful listening experience.
Au-delà Des Cendres (CD) 8€
Atmospheric Black Metal

Canadian band Aedh's debut album. Formed in the black womb of Annwn between April of MMXII & March of MMXV, Au-delà des Cendres contains 4 tracks invoking the bloody resurgence of Lugh against the forces of degeneracy by way of atmospheric Black Metal. To awaken the archetypes buried deep within our hearts, and return to the source of our tradition.
Poison Minds (CD) 8€
Black / Thrash Metal

Black/Thrash/Punk band from Sweden. This is stuff for the most devoted fans of Bathory, Venom, (early) Sepultura, Holocausto and Sarcofago. "Poison Minds" is for true hard rock/ black metal maniacs. Primitive compositions, devastating riffs and massacring atmosphere of the 80's - all of these you can find on "Poison Minds". Bonus on this CD: "Curse Of The Outlaw" demo 2014 and "They Want To Cut Off My Head" demo 2013.
(Inter)Section (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Split released in 2015 between Akral Necrosis and Marchosias. Cruel and occult Black Metal from Akral Necrosis and technical, melodic, experimental Black Metal from Marchosias. With the intent of taking the split idea a bit further than usual, both bands chose to present two covers as well, and so Akral Necrosis recorded their own version of Marchosias' track "The Sacred Book", while Marchosias chose to cover Akral Necrosis' "Slay the Whore".
Underlight (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Second full-length album formed of nine tracks of hateful Black Metal that can only be described as darker and far more reaching than all past releases of Akral Necrosis. Great riffing, frenzied double bass drums and tormented vocals, with an extraordinary production.
K-141 (CD) 6€
Black/Death Metal

Debut full-length album released in 2015. Seven songs of Black Metal with influences of melodic Black /Death of the 90’s Swedish school and thematic about the war. Great songs, with intense cold melodies and aggressive riffs in the vein of bands such as Dissection, Marduk, Setherial or Naglfar.
VIII Sanctvaires (Digipack CD) 9€
Black Metal

First full-length album. “VIII Sanctvaires” is purely black poetry through mysticism. Black Metal dark and cold in a mid-tempo style, with atmospheric passages, a good sense of melody and a progressive touch. Digipack CD with 12-pages-booklet.
Lunar / Solar (MCD) 6€
Black Metal

Conceptual MCD released in 2017. First part represents the lunar side showcasing darker aspects of Black Metal ontology placed in the perspective of local folklore elements. The second part reflects the more luminous character represented as a solar side, still retaining a brisk Black Metal aura. "Lunar / Solar" is a spiritual journey through heliacal and nocturnal dimensions of slavic mysticism, dedicated to the Sky as a mythological being.
Diabolical Finale Mortum (CD) 6€
Black Metal

Fifth album by this band from Russia. Cold, grey and hyper-aggressive Satanic Black Metal with some influences of the Nordic old sounds, but including dark atmospheres quite influenced by Greek scene. A one-man project full of misanthropy and satanic miasmas, you will worship instantly if you are looking for the ravenous side of the genre.
Más Allá (MCD) 6€
Crust / Black Metal

Rough and extreme debut EP formed by seven tracks of intense, primal and ferocious Crust/Black Metal from Galiza. Amhra perfectly blend coldest 90's black metal essence with the rawness from crust and a fucking punk attitude. Featuring members from Lóstregos, Ursus and Mordaza. ¡Sangue, lume e morte!
All Hail The Cult (Digipack CD) 9€
Black Metal

Third opus of this German band. A masterpiece of pure, raw and hateful Black Metal keeping with the traditions of the early Norse masters of the genre. Fifty minutes of truly holocaust where the uninitiated will be consumed by seven tracks full of an overflowing hatred for Christianity. Digipack CD with 8-pages-booklet.
Ścierwo O Bruk (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Awesome second full-length album by this old Polish horde, with Daren ex-MGLA member. Fast and evil Black Metal with a very high quality compositions. Released in 2017. Recommended!
Ejaculation Of Black Impurity (MCD) 8€
Black Metal

Abhorrent and hateful bestial Black Metal from Finland! Reissue on CD of the cult 2005 demo-tape with one bonus track previously unreleased from the same sessions as the original recording. Desecration through perversion!
Throne With No God (CD) 8€
Black Metal / Crust

First full-length album by this horde from Euskalherria with members of Helde and Astigarraga Thrower. Eight strikes of raw and old-school Black Metal with a strong Crust / D-beat influence. Lyrics deal with environmentalism, anti-religion and individualism. 12 pages-booklet.
Tyrant Blood (CD) 10€
Black Metal

First full-length album released in 2019. Ancient atmospheric Black Metal full of epic, battle-hardened riffs which will remind you of the early Abigor/Judas Iscariot and epic era of Bathory. This is the story of revenge and war... the battle awaits you!
Primitive Goat Worship (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Excellent second full-length album released in 2017. Nine blasphemies of raw and primitive old-school Black Metal dedicated to unholy name of Master Satan! No fairy-woods, elves, dragons and other shits included in this record; only true Satanic Black Metal in it's most pure form.
Cénotaphe - Lost Tracks (CD) 7€
Black Metal

Third album by this epic Black Metal horde from Normandy, made of old songs never released. A tribute to their roots. On this record, ANGMAR performs Black Metal as in the early 90's, intense and cold, but still with this strong identity which made them one of the leading bands of the genre in France. Includes a tremendous cover song of BATHORY's "Shores in Flames". With members of bands like Valuatir, Annthennath, Quintessence, Norman Shores.
Renacer (CD) 8€
Black Metal / Ambient

Very original pagan Black Metal mixed with nature ambient ritual music and atmospheres. Black Metal aspect is raw, even melodic sometimes, played along with nature recordings, ritual sound interludes, spoken passages and narration. Each track builds from ritualistic drums and nature sounds into black metal or a pure native ritual with flutes, percussion and thunder. Truly unique!
Incendium Excitare (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Second strike of German Black Metal horde Apathie, released in 2015. Catchy and varied Black Metal with melodic influences, but without losing the aggression and coldness of the genre.
Infernis Ardentis Monarcha (MCD) 6€
Black Metal

First EP released in 2017, evoking four faustian magic chants. An excellent opus of almost 27 minutes of grim, occult, atmospheric Black Metal! Includes 8-page booklet. "I hereby do pledge. If truth these words do not ring to thy ears, Master, may thence my soul be shredded by thy claws."
Upheaval Of Destructive Hate (CD) 9€
Black Metal

First full-length album released in 2018. Eight impious Black Metal hymns with some old-school Death Metal touches to spread blasphemy, destruction and violence. Tread carefully, for it is in the maelstrom that we find our true selves!
Plugawe Dziedzictwo (CD) 8€
Black Metal

First full-length album by this Polish horde. Pure evil and uncompromising Black Metal, an extremely demonized opus totally rooted in the old European way of doing black metal arts.
Gronspech (CD) 8€
Black Metal

Third full-length by this Dutch horde. A concept album about ancient regional myths, influenced by the great 90’s Scandinavian Black Metal hordes. Gronspech relies on a dark, melancholic and bleak atmosphere with piercing guitars and haunting synths, that are strengthened with powerful energetic riffs and an attack of implacable heavy drums. OBI included.
Calea (CD) 6€
Pagan Folk Black Metal

Second full-length album by Ashaena. The band plays a pagan metal that seeks to honour their ancestors, promoting his traditions and keeping alive those who have given their last breath for this land. For fans to Agalloch, Vintersorg, Nokturnal Mortum or Graveland.
Forest Of Dead Stars / Frosty Valley (Digipak) 9€
Atmospheric Black Metal

Fourth full-length released in 2016. Awesome Ambient / Atmospheric Black Metal, very acoustical and evocative. Album divided in two parts, the first one is dedicated to nostalgia and loneliness and the second part dedicated to winter and the cycle of life. 6-panels digipak limited to 500 copies. Includes the first official video of the track "Dreaming of Decomposition".
Echoes Of Mystical Forest (Digipak) 9€
Atmospheric Black Metal

Fifth full-length album released in 2017. Another Astarot's masterpiece, raw atmospheres impregnated with acoustic guitars and voices from the abyss, drowned in the solitude of the misty forest while nature-spirits agonize in astral dreams. 6-panels digipak with 8-page booklet, limited to 500 copies.
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Poison Minds (CD) 8€ Black / Thrash Metal Black/Thrash/Punk band from Sweden. This is stuff for the most devoted fans of Bathory, Venom, (early) Sepultura, Holocausto and Sarcofago. "Poison Minds" is for true hard rock/ black metal maniacs. Primitive compositions, devastating riffs and massacring atmosphere of the 80's - all of these you can find on "Poison Minds". Bonus on this CD: "Curse Of The Outlaw" demo 2014 and "They Want To Cut Off My Head" demo 2013.

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