DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS is a Iberian label dedicated to extreme metal in its most underground side. We specially focus our releases and distributions on the old school Black and Death Metal, being both the roots of our existence itself and the reason for what we have created this label. Although we are also great fans of other metal subgenres, like Thrash and true Heavy Metal, because we think both are the primitive type of Metal and was with them when we started to get in contact with this lifestyle, sometime back in the eighties.


DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS is formed for veteran people in the Iberian extreme scene that also participate and contribute in other sort of projects like zines, webs, radio and other labels too.

Our aim as a label/distro is to be able to offer to the crowd high quality releases with affordable prices for everyone. In here you won't find the typical mainstream catalogue with the kind of stuff that sells rockstar multimillionaires bands, where you find that a CD cost you 30€. This is pure extreme underground metal and we know from the beginning that we are not going to get rich thanks to this and we don't pretend it either.


We have created DAMNATIO AD BESTIAS for our commitment and devotion to this lifestyle based in musical extreme genres that are also useful to lead us in life and make possible to comprehend what's around us in an exclusive and special way, only understandable to those who enjoy it and additionally take it as a life philosophy. Therefore we hope to contribute our part to keep the black flame alight through the effort and labor that we put in doing our band's releases and distributions, always with the true spirit of underground metal.


Remember... only death is real!!!

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